About Us


ProBike FC Specializes in coaching, development and overall cycling improvement. We don't just work with competitive riders, but also beginners and enthusiasts that want to improve. We also are experts in bike maintenance. We offer cycling classes, fitness services, performance enhancement, bicycle repairs, and more. Are you looking for a certified cycling coach in Falls Church, VA? If so, then you've come to the right place. Welcome to ProBike FC, your personal cycling center offering extensive fitness programs that are perfect for anyone who is looking to get back on track with all of their fitness activities. We are here to help people of all ages to get stronger and achieve overall body health and wellness.


PBFC passion is backed by the most legitimate inventory, over 30 years of knowledge of cycling and fitting followed by the desire to fulfill our customer's needs. When others talk about customer satisfaction, we are experts in customer engagement. It is our mission to provide the best products that our customers want, not what we want to sell them with. We are here to create the bike of your dreams.



Founded in 2017 we adopted a principle of honesty and respect with all our customers. We love our physical shop to be a hangout where everyone and anybody can sit and talk to us about what we love, BIKES!

Unlike other online retailers, we believe in what we stock and have physically in our store to back that up with as well. Your purchase in most instances will leave our store the same day. If you live or are visiting Northern Virginia you should, come and check us out, and even join us for a ride


Purchasing by Credit Card - All telephone or e-commerce generated purchases must be made using a credit card. For safety and ease, we ask all those placing orders via credit card to do so through our safe online website.
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