Bike Fittings

 A proper bike fit can make all the difference when discomfort and inefficiency become what seem like impossible hurdles. Often times, riders grin and bear the pain of being on the bike for varying distances.  

 Here at ProBike FC we understand the struggles affiliated when we hear "I just can't get comfortable". Which is why we offer a range of fitting services. From basic set ups, to in depth fittings, we have you covered. 

The Lifestyle Fit: $85.00

Designed for riders looking for basic fitting services. In this fit, we cover Saddle Height, Saddle Fore and Aft, Reach, Bar and Cleat Set Up. Catered to recreational riders and riders who may be just beginning their journey in cycling. 

The Competitors Fit: $175.00

This self explanatory fit combines everything offered in the lifestyle fit, with a greater focus on optimizing efficiency. Such as Shifter Position, Bar Height, Bar Rotation, Saddle Tilt and Crank Length Evaluation. 

The Alpe d'Huez Fit: $250

Our top end Fitting Service. With the utilization of BikeFit Video Analysis, this fit has the greatest impact for riders who have either had previous injury, alignment issues. Through the BikeFit Ap, we can better hone in on the leading causes of pain and discomfort, and maximize comfort and performance. Such as Cleat Fore and Aft, Cleat Medial and Lateral positioning, Foot Tilt and Pressure. You will also receive a full range of Measurements along with a digital Fit Report. 

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