Core Conditioning


Welcome to Personal Training! A strong body and mental toughness are central to health and happiness. Enjoy one-on-one training session where we will walk you through proper form, technique and posture to achieve maximum benefit. Relax in a gym free and judgement free atmosphere where you are the central focus of exercise and the plan.

If you sign up for one of our monthly memberships, our trainer will sit with you and prepare a specialized fitness program to meet your needs. This program will change as your body changes and goals are met.

Weather your goal is to improve your cycling strength for Road, CX, or Mountain Biking or to enjoy a lifestyle change through working out and getting in shape, come see us.


Individual and package pricing listed below.


First Session FREE
Individual Session  $80.00


Monthly, Quarterly and semi-annual package cost are dependent on number of session per week. Price per-secession price decreases as the package duration increases. Example, the per-secession cost for a semi-annual membership is less than the per-secession cost for a Quarterly package and so forth. Come in for a free secession and discuss your membership options.

Call us or visit us in store to learn about our membership packages!

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