Coaching and PBFC Performance Lab

There are several coaching options available ranging from monthly training plans to one-on-one coached rides focusing on specific skills such as speed or climbing. 

Coaching Pricing 

Consultation $50

The consultation call will help determine which package best suits your cycling goals. Please call 703.854.1427 or email to further discuss what each package entails. We look forward to working with you!

The Mt. Mitchell Package $119

2 Emails per month 

Training Plans posted monthly 

1 Training Plan update per month 

No device file reviews 

The Mt. Lemon Package $189

1 Call and 4 Emails per month 

Training Plans posted monthly 

2 Training Plan updates per month 

Weekly device file reviews 

The Mt. Evans Package $299

Unlimited communication 

Training Plans posted weekly 

4 Training Plan updates per month 

Unlimited device file reviews 


PBFC Performance Lab

Testing Pricing 

Functional Threshold Power Test $115

An FTP test is a simple way of determining your current cycling performance level. FTP is the gold standard measure for cycling performance and it's useful in all types of events from sprint triathlons all the way through to multi-stage cycle races like the Tour De France.

Includes full report

Lactate Threshold Test $150

The lactate threshold is the point at which, during incremental exercise, lactate builds up in the blood stream at a level that is higher than resting values. The lactate threshold is a good predictor of submaximal fitness (e.g. what exercise pace can maintained over a prolonged period of time without fatigue). Athletes typically reach lactate threshold at a higher percentage of VO2max.

On bike ONLY

Riders should plan to be riding for 60 minutes

Includes full report

ProBike FC now offers VO2 Max testing! 

VO2 max is the maximum rate of oxygen consumption measured during incremental exercise; that is, exercise of increasing intensity. The name is derived from three abbreviations: "V" for volume, "O₂" for oxygen, and "max" for maximum. Athletes can greatly benefit from this form of testing. Receiving real VO2 data allows riders to track their performance and track their progression. 

Nick has been fully trained and certified in conducting the VO2 Max Test. Our Koer machine is the state of the art calibrated unit, used by nearly all pro teams around the world

VO2 Max Test $195 

Includes full report 

We recommend 4 tests per year

Price for 4 tests $500 


Rapid Reboot Recovery Sessions

Rapid Reboot Recovery is the leading method is recovery solutions. Through the use of dynamic compression technology, Rapid Reboot improves blood flow and helps to restore strength to pertinent muscles. 

Ideal for post workout recovery. You'll be able to rest and recover using the Rapid Reboot system in total comfort at our ProBike FC Performance center. 

One 30 Minute Session $30

Unlimited Monthly Use $100


ProBike FC Performance Lab 

Located at 

102 E Fairfax Street Falls Church, VA 22046



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