Profesional Bike Servicing

At Pro Bike FC we provide a high detailed level of service and tune ups. We make sure that every bicycle we touch, we treat as our own. With respect and care.

Our tune up packages vary from basic adjustments to complete overhauls. All bikes will be given a full evaluation on what the bike needs. 

Safety Check Tune Up         $95

  • True Wheels
  • Adjust brakes and gears 
  • Check and Torque all bolts and pedals 
  • Adjust hubs and Headset
  • Lubricate chain

Basic Tune Up                      $150
  • Wipe down and true wheels 
  • Wipe down the frame 
  • Lubricate all cables 
  • Adjust Brakes and gears
  • Lubricate shifters, derailleurs and brakes systems
  • Check and Torque all bolts and pedals
  • Adjust hubs and Headset 

Drivetrain Clean & Tune       $250
  • Remove and clean- chain, cassette, crankset, derailleurs, and brake systems. 
  • Remove and Clean Bottom Bracket area 
  • Remove and Clean Headset area 
  • Clean and true wheels
  • Clean and polish the frame 
  • Lubricate all the parts and cables 
  • Adjust hubs 
  • Check and Torque all bolts and pedals. 

Pro Bike FC Build                   $300
  • Complete Frame Assemble  

Pro Bike FC Overhaul            $600
  • Complete Strip down and reassemble of the bike 
  • Detail cleaning of all parts 
  • Overhaul all major bearing systems 
  • New cables and housing 
  • New Bar tape

* All of the tune up packages may require additional service/parts to complete the repairs. It may also have a $30 discretionary charge in addition to the Tune Up package for small parts that might be needed to complete the repair. The discretionary charge will be removed if no additional parts are needed. 
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