Black Inc. Eighty Wheelset

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Against the clock, triathlon or in high speed road races, one cannot go past the Black Eighty when speed is essential. Aerodynamically Black Inc’s fastest road wheel, the Black Eighty offers a nimble, agile, stable ride while literally cheating the wind. When elite riders have squeezed every ounce of performance out of themselves, the next place to look for improvement is the wheels; the Black Eighty offers the largest gains possible from equipment when riding on flatter terrain.

The Black Eighty’s are very strong as they are laced to a very deep carbon rim that also spins on the co-developed Black Inc. + CeramicSpeed hub sets that come standard with the silky smooth industry leading CeramicSpeed bearings.

The Black Eighty manage to keep the weight low compared to other deep sections wheels by optimising the carbon fibre layup of the rims and having a relatively low spoke count.

Offered in both a clincher, which is the go-to wheel of triathletes, or tubular, which is a favourite of road sprinters. The Eighty is also available in rim and disc brake.

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