Black Inc. Thirty Wheelset

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The Black Thirty is more than just a climbing wheel. It accelerates like no other wheel due to its superb rim stiffness, rim profile and perfect spoke tension.

Compared to other comparable profile wheels, the Thirty has a wider rim, which makes it far more aerodynamic. Most lightweight wheels on the market are simply not aero.  This puts the Thirty in a unique category of its own, light and aero.

With the Thirty’s shallow rim design and compliance, they are also suited to rough roads and cobble stones of races such as Paris Roubaix. The Thirty’s tough construction make it just about bullet proof on harsh roads.

These wheels use the co-developed Black Inc + CeramicSpeed hub sets, a first within the industry, where we designed the hubs specifically around the tight tolerances of the silky smooth industry standard CeramicSpeed bearings.

Offered in both clincher or tubular, rim and disc brake.

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